Where do Monarch Butterflies Go?

  Monarch butterfly migration patterns map for MonarchWatch.org Almost anyone can identify a monarch butterfly, even if they didn’t pay attention in biology class. They are part of normal life. But how many people know they are endangered? Common as milkweeds, we all notice them, and take as a fact of life that monarchs will … Read More

Ancient Worlds

Maps of the ancient world, for National Geographic School Publishing

Corn’s Journey

Native Nations in the Americas and the history of maize. For National Geographic School Publishing

Cave Formations

Cave formations and how cavers navigate them, for Kartchner Caverns visitor center, Arizona State Parks

World Migrations Map

Exhibit Map for North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC                                       A mural-sized wall map originally created for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This map had a second life in 2022 at the invitation … Read More

Explaining the Weather

Infographics from Weather in the West, published by the Western National Parks Association