Mezcal agave

Mezcal Agave Talks Like That –by Felipe Molina and Larry Evers   —Larry Evers & Felipe Molina DON JESUS Yoilo’i, a distin­guished Yaqui deer singer, sang this song for us February 22. 1981, while we were visiting with him at his home in Potam, Río Yaqui, Sonora. Yaqui people call themselves Yoemem (People). In the … Read More

What Desert Dwellers Know

 THE ORIGINAL INSPIRATION for the Sonoran Desert Mandala came from some of the prehistoric petroglyphs found on rocks in the Tucson area. Artists are always stealing from each other and this case was no different. I had started making this spiral collage by scanning objects picked up in the Sonoran Desert–both human and natural. When … Read More