This is more of a personal note, but it’s what I’ve been working on recently.

On May 5, my son, Leonardo was born. Four days later my wife, Christina Robinson, while still in the hospital, had a serious hemorrhagic stroke that sent her into the ICU for 10 days. It was in her right brain, so it resulted in paralysis of her left side.

She spent two months total in hospitals including a rehabilitation hospital before coming home July 4 weekend. Since then, she has been going to intensive therapies of all kinds and can walk now with difficulty using a quad cane. She is still unable to move her left arm and hand. Her recovery will be slow and the extent of it will not be known for another year or so.

A group of friends is planning a music, dance, and food fund-raising party on Sunday October 24 at the new Casa Marita restaurant in the Rio Nuevo district of downtown Tucson.

So what does this have to do with illustration?

Besides 7 hours of great food and entertainment, we will hold a silent auction. I and some of my artist friends will have prints, original paintings, and photographs up for bidding. At some point the items will be shown online.

So contact me if you’d like to donate something, come down to the party, or just imagine Christina dancing the tango for Leo.

TANGO for LEO: links

Flyer in pdf for printing:

To see Leonardo at 4 months old, visit:

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