Alvita Herbal Teas

We are so grateful for the talent you possess and your willingness to work with us. This new Alvita look has received rave reviews… Thank you for your kindness and patience. –Lamar Wiscombe, Tea director

Holt, Rinehart & Winston

“The seashells were a huge success and have been approved, which is really unheard of for first passes. You did a great job on them. Thank you so much!” —Noemi Childs, Art buyer,

Barbara Kingsolver

“This is beautiful; I like it very much. Simple, but still there’s a lot of information there. Great work.” —Barbara Kingsolver, author (on illustration for Prodigal Summer, HarperCollins Publishers)

Desert Botanical Garden

“As part of the team that included not only Garden scientists and educators, but museum evaluators and visitor studies experts, we found Paul to be very, very flexible, easy to work with, and receptive to new ideas. In addition, he contributed a great deal of himself based on his broad experience not only as an … Read More

The Nature Conservancy Magazine

“Got the package. BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL! (And everyone else feels the same way.)” —Julian Kabenge, Art Director

Real men play board games

“The cookies are so realistic looking that I sadly have bite marks in one which one of my children thought was an enjoyable snack.” –Tom Vasel, from a review of “Toss Your Cookies”

Kavish and Kavish Marketing Driven Design

“Working with Paul was a pleasure — follows art direction well, a good collaborator, timely, good people skills — a pro. The client was very pleased and feels it’s the best logo yet.” —Michael Kavish

CytoSport, Inc.

“Easy communicating with Paul. He’s very clear, which makes it easy for him to understand my comments. He seems able to do whatever I needed very quickly and easily. Professionalism and creativity is a refreshing combination. Thanks Paul.” —Ken Salvo, Creative Director