toss your cookies

ginger bread jellt-filled milk
oreo pinwheel peanut butter

Paul’s llustrations for “Toss Your Cookies”,
 a new award-winning game by Gamewright.

At, where “real men play board games,” game industry reviewer Tom Vasel had this to say about “Toss Your Cookies”:

With wonderful drawings and terrific, sturdy components, Toss Your Cookies is a nice variant on the game idea introduced in the public domain “spoons”. Players are attempting to collect cookies that are of the same type, along with a glass of milk. While the game might bore adults (althoughthere’s some frenetic moments which are quite hilarious), I’ve found that kids enjoy it – as much for the simple, fun game play as well as the beautiful components. Although we really want to eat cookies when the game is over (the artwork is THAT good), it’s a good kid’s game that I enjoy playing with them, and it handles up to eight players…

Each of the cookies is a large round cardboard tile, showing a depiction of a different type of cookie. While the cookies are not actual pictures, they are certainly drawn well enough to evoke salivation from players and cries of hunger for cookies. The cookies are so realistic looking that I sadly have bite marks in one which one of my children thought was an enjoyable snack. The pleasant theme is one that will attract kids to the game, and anyone who still has the urging for the joy that is known as “cookie”…

—Tom Vasel

“Real men play board games”

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