© Paul Mirocha
This turmeric plant illustration is apparently so attractive that people regularly steal it and I have to write them about usage rights, etc. 
There is good reason for the popularity of this plant. It’s beautiful and delicious. Turmeric, a relative of the ginger plant, is the basic ingredient to curry sauce and gives it it’s characteristic orange color. I remember seeing many species in this family on my trips to the rain forest in Malaysia.
It is also the cornerstone of traditional Indian medicine. I have found that a concentrated form of curcumin, the main chemical ingredient in the turmeric root, used every day along with its relative, ginger, heals the pain when an old knee injury acts up.
I painted this turmeric illustration from live specimens, trying to be as accurate as possible. But even as a technical illustration the plant can’t help but look beautiful and edible. It makes me salivate just to look at it.Check out the Turmeric Restaurantweb site site and pay special attention to all of the health benefits of this beautiful and beneficial plant.


The usage rights to this illustration are now owned by the Turmeric Restaurant in Toronto and used on their business communications.
Business card from Turmeric.


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