What I do

Illustrations for advertising and product packaging: Super-realistic digital paintings that compete with photographs in detail, especially good for hard to photograph subjects like food. I use all digital technology that is available, but prefer to keep the final work looking like a traditional painting in the viewer’s mind.

Children’s book illustration: Realistic illustration with personality, that helps a young reader learn while becoming absorbed in a story. I’ve also created art for children’s products like pop-up books, games, and toys.

Interpretive exhibits: Besides producing accurate and attractive art for interpretive exhibits, I can provide graphic design, graphic panel digital file preparation, and oversee printing in a variety of signage media. I’ve also served as a consultant for exhibit design development and testing.

Maps and infographics: Finding your way through a well designed map is like walking through a zen garden. A map can convey an integrated understanding of an impossibly complex subject like no other type of image. I can do that.

Illustrations for educational publishing: Highly detailed images for text books and corporate communications that make complicated subjects easy to understand for both kids and adults. In fact, if kids can understand it, usually the adults can too.

Web design: I write html5/CSS3; have a Masters degree in User Experience design (UX); use WordPress to develop sites.

Graphic design: I can’t do everything, but I do have a couple of decades of experience as a graphic designer for print media. I’m good with covers, typography, editorial layout, posters, and monitoring printing production. Samples are provided upon request. See a min-portfolio.

Photography: Landscapes, Sonoran Desert subjects, interior and architectural. Samples are provided upon request. see a portfolio at paulmirocha.com/photography

I often combine all these skills on a single project.

A link to Paul’s Resume