What do Cave Men Eat?

October 19, 2015By PaulNews, Packaging illustration, Recent projects

Up until early 2015, cave men ate this: Then the CaveMan brand nutrition bars evolved a bit, they got a new logo, and substituted a photograph for the see-through window. But the packaging was still not quite working. The bars were actually really good once you opened one and bit into it, but they didn’t photograph well. The … Read More

Walk on the Wild Side

February 15, 2013By PaulRecent projects

  The wild side is probably somewhere in your neighborhood. Gather plants as you walk and cook them up for dinner. Don’t worry that most of them are weeds. Don’t criticize until your tasted them. I drew these botanical illustrations for Carolyn Niethammer’s recent book Cooking the Wild Southwest. It’s actually an updated and rewritten … Read More